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Disinfecting of newly renovated home during post-renovation cleaning


The time has finally come for you to move into your new home or back to your refurbished home. Everything looks great but the work is not over yet and you may not be ready to move in. Although your renovation quotation may have included a chemical cleaning session but do you know that it is insufficient? In fact, chemical cleaning only removes the tough stains left behind in the renovation process, but not the dust, stains and dirt marks. This is where our certified and trained CleanCare Specialists step in to do the work for you, so leave the post-renovation cleaning job to us and be at rest.

Our thorough pre move-in cleaning service provides you with convenience and saves you additional cost from getting your own cleaning equipment, tools and solutions. The rates for our thorough post-renovation cleaning service for homes start from $230 nett for a 2-room HDB flat or a Private Studio Apartment. Connect with us to enquire about our post-renovation cleaning service today.


Our CleanCare Specialists will remove debris, dust and dirt using quality equipment and cleaning solutions. Furthermore, we also provide disinfection of your homes during the cleaning process as part of our value-added service to customers. This is so that you can move in to a clean, sanitised and safe home. For scope of work, please refer to our cleaning scope.

We strongly advise homeowners to do a first round of chemical wash cleaning which should be arranged by your interior designer or contractor. This will remove all the tough stains left behind in the course of the renovation process. Likewise, we do provide chemical wash cleaning service if required.


  • A clean environment for your health and well-being with our deep and sanitised cleaning.
  • Saves you time and effort by ensuring a ‘ready-to-move-in’ condition.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing that professional tools and cleaning solutions are used.

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