• Post-Renovation Cleaning

      Post-Renovation Cleaning

      Get rid of the debris, dust and dirt left behind after renovation for a fuss-free move in.

    • Post-Tenancy Cleaning

      Post-Tenancy Cleaning

      Clean up your rental premise thoroughly before vacating or welcoming the next tenant.

    • Organic Housekeeping

      Organic Housekeeping

      Weekly organic cleaning service using non-toxic products to maintain a clean and healthy home.

    • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

      Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

      Remove dirt, allergens and dust mites with our professional deep cleaning for a healthier home.

    • Painting


      Beautify or refresh your homes or commercial spaces for a new lease of life.

    • Electrical


      Safe and quality electrical works installations for peace of mind and comfort.

    • Carpentry


      Fully customised carpentry with excellent workmanship for residential and commercial.

    • Mover & Disposal

      Mover & Disposal

      Transport bulky furniture or disposal of unwanted items for your convenience.

    • Commercial Cleaning

      Commercial Cleaning

      Quality office and commercial cleaning services for companies in Singapore.

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